Update, Upgrade, Migrate or Replace
The Road to Successful Plant Reinstrumentation and Control Improvement Projects

Does the impending threat of unscheduled downtime or safety incidents keep you up at night? Is it no longer cost effective to support old systems and products? Or is it difficult to live up to new regulations, or to support information technologies against the latest cyber threats? And are some of your most skilled operators retiring and leaving a knowledge gap that can be hard to fill?

To assist customers with these challenges, Yokogawa has created “The Road to Successful Plant Reinstrumentation" eBook. This eBook will help organizations to better understand, plan, justify and scope reinstrumentation and control improvement projects.

Download this eBook and learn:
  • The top challenges that drive reinstrumentation
  • How to plan for and achieve a successful project
  • Best practices in identifying your project scope
  • 5 ways to improve operator effectiveness
  • Different scenarios and best practices for updating, migrating or replacing process controls, safety systems, and instrumentation in plants

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