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The market of Industrial Automation is a very dynamic environment. Organizations are looking for further optimization, reducing their energy consumption and their CO2 footprint. Meeting increasingly tighter regulatory compliance rules, dealing with workers safety concerns, and protecting themselves from Cyber Security defence breaches, whilst improving profitability of the operations is not an easy task at all.

Read below how we can help you address this specific domain with tools that can be fully integrated in your organization for maximum benefit to your operational goals.

-> Control of Work (RAP): Many companies in the Industry use a paper based or standalone Permit to Work and Risk Assessment tool. We are transforming this in a fully integrated Permit to Work system that connects with all the adjacent systems to maximize the safety in the field.

-> Exapilot: Most accidents happen when you start up your plant and when you shut it down. Exapilot reduces the risk of incidents at these most unsafe moments in your plant. It is a relative simple exercise to build a tool into your processes environment that starts-up and shuts down your plant fully automized.

->DTSX Optical cable based industrial temperature measurement up to 50 km in length, with up to 10 cm resolution.

-> Sushi Sensors with LoRaWan wireless communication. To support condition-based maintenance.

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