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Hydrogen: Building a Resilient and Decarbonized Energy System

Yokogawa is the Main Automation Contractor on Shell’s flagship 200MW Holland Hydrogen I project in the Netherlands. In addition to this, Yokogawa is also the Main Automation Contractor for the YURI Green Hydrogen project in Australia, as well as a number of other high profile projects. Hydrogen projects cannot be approached in the same way as other infrastructure projects.

These flagship projects are part of a major transition in the worldwide energy system. We are sat at the nexus of three mega-trends: Digitalization of society, Climate change, and Democratization. Europe is responding, embarking on a journey of electrification; transitioning to a new, more efficient, and sustainable energy system characterized by distributed and diversified asset portfolios.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has accelerated the transition as Europe seeks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and ensure energy security. In addition, the rapid pace of technology innovation is fueling a greener economy driven by renewables, integrating green molecules and electrons more closely. The key enabler of the new energy system is integration of multiple diverse and distributed assets. Hydrogen is no exception and a core part of the future. Multiple producers, consumers, transporters, and facilitators require transparency, trust, and teamwork to ensure the success of any project.

Join Patrick Kools for this webinar about the challenges and opportunities of integrating hydrogen into the new energy system.

The agenda  explores the following topics:

- Key drivers of the energy transition in Europe
- The shift towards distributed and diversified energy systems
- Cooperative models emerging across the energy system
- Shifts from smart factories to smart, multi-asset, inter-connected ecosystems

This webinar is a must-attend for those planning a future with Hydrogen in Europe.

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