Industrial Flow Measurement Handbook
The basic guide to Accurate & Reliable Flow Measurement

A flowmeter is a device that measures how much fluid is flowing through a pipe and at what rate. In practice, however, flowmeters are slightly more complicated. They vary depending on the application and the degree of precision you expect, among other aspects. Each type of flowmeter is best suited for a certain type of application or fluid. Choosing the right type is important because the accuracy of measurement depends greatly on this factor.

Therefore, it is critical to consider certain basic things before you choose the flowmeter for your business operations. Download this eBook and learn about the different aspects you need to consider before purchasing a flowmeter.

Download the eBook and learn about:
  • Basic elements in flow measurements: liquid, flow, pressure, and temperature
  • How to install a flowmeter and where to pay attention to during the installation
  • Different types of flowmeters: Coriolis, Vortex, Magnetic, Rotameter, Differential Pressure (DP) etc. and their measuring principles
  • Different methods for choosing the right flowmeters
  • How to select the best flowmeter that fits your industry, application and other requirements
  • Which aspects you should pay attention to during the selection procedure

Besides choosing the right flowmeter, you must remember that flowmeter calibration is vital. Without calibration, you can’t be assured of accurate results even if you have the best flowmeter in your facility.

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