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Single Cellome™ SU10 Research Equipment Grant Program

Would your research project benefit from Single-Cell Analysis? We are proud to announce our first Single Cellome™ SU10 Research Equipment Program!

This is an opportunity for researchers to receive free use of a Single Cellome™ SU10 for six months. The Single Cellome™ SU10 is our solution for Single-Cell Analysis. By using a nanopipette, it conducts minimally invasive single-cell injection.

For more information, please visit our product page.
What the winner will receive:
-6 months free use of Single Cellome™ Solution SU10
-Live SU10 training + ongoing technical support

What we expect from the winner:
-present your research results with SU10 at a Yokogawa webinar
-depending on your research results, contribution to application note(s) for Yokogawa website

Please send your application in one pdf file (description of your research project) with subject "SU10 grant program application" to: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: December 31, 2021

Do you have questions? Please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Please also describe how your research project could benefit from the use of the Single Cellome™ Unit SU10. The winner will be announced in January, 2022.

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