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Industrial Cyber Threats Guide


At one time, industrial environments were considered immune to cyber attack. Air gapping was believed sufficiently robust to keep bad actors from gaining unauthorised access to a facility. High-profile incidents over the last decade, however, have proven this idea wrong, often to destructive effect.

It is not difficult to see why the situation has changed. The digital transformation of industry and adoption of ‘open’ technology facilitates interoperability, unlocks unprecedented insights and the flow of information across logical boundaries. This revolution is unequivocally a good thing as it allows organisations to become more adaptive to demand. Yet it has also unlocked a door that was once kept firmly shut. Today’s hackers recognise this and are actively looking for ways to compromise modern industrial control systems.

Keeping one step ahead is difficult, not least because cyber threats are constantly evolving. Regulation rightly looks to maintain the pace but has also made plant security a daunting challenge for most organisations. This report simplifies that problem, bringing together all the information necessary to develop effective plant security.

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