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Plant Security eBook

As industrial environments move toward connected operations, having a multi-site enterprise cyber security strategy requires a new approach. The digital transformation of industry and adoption of open technology facilitates interoperability, unlocks unprecedented insights and the flow of information across, logical and geographical boundaries.

These solutions must meet industry standards and support regulatory compliance while remaining easy to use by teams stretched with increased responsibilities.

This comprehensive eBook takes you from understanding the basics of cyber security and industrial protocols to building robust industrial control systems.

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  • The techniques and methodologies required to build a successful Operational Technology (OT) cyber security strategy
  • How to defend against organised cyber-attacks and common internal threats
  • What industry standards help and support regulatory compliance
  • How to rationalise investment in an OT security programme
  • The three pillars of a robust multi-layer cyber security policy
  • How to design architecture to reduce threats

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