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Learn more about smart monitoring and safety operation.

A stable supply is realized by monitoring the production equipment and detecting abnormalities at an early stage of in-vehicle lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries built into the automobile supply chain are essential not only for performance and quality, but also for stable supply.
Are the early anomaly detection of large-scale equipment and the internal temperature of large-scale furnaces optimally controlled?
The interruption or decrease in production caused by leaving these unattended will not only delay delivery, but also increase production costs and decrease sales.
It as a great impact on management and society.

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  • Smart Monitoring of Aging Process Shelves
  • Prevention of Fires in Exhaust Air Ducts in Battery Assembly Process
  • Monitoring of Soundness of Power Supply Bus Bar
  • Monitoring of Separator/Electrode Coating Drying Furnace Temperature Distribution

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